You are currently viewing Why Sooo Serious puts a different spin on value education through a book series focusing on Habits, Values and Essential Life skills.

Why Sooo Serious puts a different spin on value education through a book series focusing on Habits, Values and Essential Life skills.

A series of 9 books, divided into sets of 3 each, focussed on Habits, Values and Essential Life skills. A series that promises value education in a fun way! That’s what Why Sooo Serious is all about. Jyotsana and Parham Obhhan, Founders of Why Sooo Serious believe that their most important qualification is the tag of parents. They take on the pen name of Obby Brown, and have authored the series. Well, they chat with us about the books and plans for the brand…

I think your series puts a new modern spin on value education. We recall those old moral stories that we used to be taught at schools! However, in these stories, there is no preaching but mainly showing which leads the child to discover the message behind the story. Were you always sure of not being didactic? 

This was not easy but except whim and humour there is no other way to reach a child’s heart and mind, We believe we managed to strike that chord with our literature. And yes, every emotion you ride during your journey in the book is intentional. The set of children who approved our books just gave us one advice.

    ‘Our curiosity in the book to turn each page,

    Is the best measure by which our fondness of it you can gauge.’

We just ensured each story or poetry we offer, follows the above. 

In what kind of settings do you see these books being used? What are your tips and suggestions for parents to use them at home? 

Emilie Buchwald  once said that “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”. We believe parents need to introduce their child to various books till they find the type their child enjoys as that is the comfort a child needs to begin. Post this a child in time would automatically reach and explore other reads as the fear of boredom shall transform into curiosity and make the child wonder what new dimension or world the next book has to offer. This can go a long way in life.

What makes these books appealing to children? 

Children are glued to our books because:

  • Suspenseful, Edge of the seat narrative increases the child’s curiosity to read 
  • Tickling humorous stories induce giggles and laughter
  • Funny rhythmic Sing-Along Poems strikes a chord with kids
  • Luxurious quality books offer a richer reading experience
  • The Celebration Packaging attracts the child towards books like toys
  • Illustrations in form of screens carry the suspense in the story beautifully
  • Each story expressed from a child’s perspective hence the child feels a sense of belonging and a part of that world.
  • Non-Preachy Stories, Children hate lectures
  • Each story unfolds a journey in a unique enchanting Town, Village or Landscape
  • Interactive ‘Live the Story’ feature at the end of each book
  • Engaging fun activities

Interestingly, the series is relevant for the 3-12 year age group. Any specific suggestions that you wish to give for the different age groups? 

Our books are meant to be read by parents to children between 3 to 6 years. 6 to 8 year old’s may need assistance from the parents and 8 to 12 year old’s can read on their own. Hence the books will give maximum value to younger children and as time goes by their reading skills too will be honed. 

I found it interesting that the stories are long, though each page does not have too much text. What is the intention behind this? 

This depends from story to story, some pages are text-heavy and some are not, you will notice this in our upcoming books for this age group too. Our visuals, like the words too, follow a journey and sequence which feeds our motto, that is the urge to turn the page. I mean for example, if a dog is chasing a child before you turn the page you will never know the outcome, hence for this short sequence to we would need 4 sides to keep the suspense and fun alive. This is how we attempt to achieve our edge of the seat narrative claim. 

What are your plans for the brand? 

Our next release is Obby Brown’s ‘End Rhyme Poetry Book’ Habits. This will cover precisely 6 habits- Water Intake, Junk Food, Self-Study, Screen Time, Sleep and Outdoor Play. This book will be available before Christmas 2020. This book also has an inference section where the child will be the Poet and complete our poems. Following this, at frequent intervals, we shall introduce pieces of our literature. At the end of each volume of our literature we shall offer a Treasure Box which will help the parent assist the child towards practising and installing the learnings, may it be Habits, Values or Essentials. This will complete the circle of learning, ’Practice what you preach’ they say. Well, we believe if the child is given a fun opportunity to do so he or she surely will.

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Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.