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A Little Book of Flowers by Ruskin Bond

We all admire flowers, don’t we? A Little Book of Flowers by Ruskin Bond takes a look at these beautiful creations that simply brighten up the world around us. “In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends” he writes.


The book, as the title suggests is about flowers. Each flower gets a chapter of its own, where he poetically describes its character and personality. There are some lovely illustrations that bring the flower to life and snippets of poetry as well. There is a small quote to finish off each chapter, followed by lined pages where readers can jot down observations.


What you will realize as well is how Bond succeeds in bringing out the unique personality of each flower. As I read the book, I realized that each flower is much more than a mere snippet of beauty. Personification at its best? I surely think so!


The book is a treat for nature lovers. It also makes for a great gift, especially to someone who is fond of nature. I can well imagine this book be an integral part of a garden hamper! You may combine it with another colourful illustrated journal by Ruskin Bond, titled Words from the Hills, which also evokes the beauty of nature and has a lot of free space to write down thoughts. A Little Book of Flowers is a very quick read, and a short book, but it is something that you may want to turn to again and again.


I think it will help to follow the advice given by the wise writer of A Little Book of Flowers“Carry this book with you when you travel to the hills or valleys or beaches, and if you come across a flower that inspires you, write about it. It will help you remember that feeling forever”. This is something that I would recommend as well, and it will make the book your very own!


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Dhanishta Shah

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