You are currently viewing Wild Symphony by Dan Brown cracks the code for writing a musical treat for young readers.

Wild Symphony by Dan Brown cracks the code for writing a musical treat for young readers.

Well, with Wild Symphony, Dan Brown has cracked the code for writing appealing stories that will resonate with little Angels and Demons. There is no Deception Point here, and yes, with the accompanying app, the book also has a wonderful Digital Fortress, that the reader can retreat into. Look for the maestro mouse, who is not The Lost Symbol. Emerge from the Inferno of the pandemic and celebrate the wonderful Origin of a writer who now appeals to little ones as much as thrill seeking adults. 

Dan Brown’s “Wild Symphony” (Penguin Publishers) is a children’s book that pairs with a classical music album and an augmented reality app, even as it tells a delightful tale in rhyme. Illustrated by Susan Batori, the picture book for children is clearly a timeless book that will enchant young minds.  

So, what is in it for little ones? The immediate zing with this book is the fact that right from the very beginning the pages are infused with a kind of boundless energy. You feel that in the rhyming words as you read the poem-book. Now we know that children love rhymes and a story well told in verse hits the nail right on the head! It is a read-aloud book, and I’m sure you’ll be as delighted to say the words out aloud as your little one will be to listen to it.

The Mouse conductor, who recruits the various animals for an orchestra is an appealing character. He journeys across different habitats and meets a variety of animals. These animal characters across different locations make the journey all the more exciting. If you read carefully you’ll see that there is a little philosophical message on each page, which also gives the story, at one level, a kind of fable feel. The book targets the 3-7-year age-group. 

If you download the app and listen to the music composed by Dan Brown (by scanning the bar code printed on the book), there is a musical experience that also awaits you. Also titled Wild Symphony, this album comprises of a musical treat for children. it’s not very often that a best-selling author produces a classical music album as well! But, this album is a nod to his youth when he was an aspiring musician, before he became a best-selling novelist that is! 

If you’ve read Dan Brown before, you would know that he has a penchant for clues and codes. Well, this book is no different. While at one level it is a rhyme with fun and morals imbued within, there are deeper layers to explore. The poems, illustrations and music also work together to reveal something interesting about the animal. 

Dan Brown’s offering is one that introduces young minds to the wonders of classical music, while providing them with a fun-tale in rhyme that alludes to timeless virtues! Wild Symphony is a modern musical fable that will go on to be timeless. Are you set for a wild adventure?

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.