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Mini Masters: Does your toddler know about Van Gogh? 

Art transcends the boundaries of age. It is never too early to introduce works of great artists to children. This is why we love the Mini Masters series of board books for children. The aim of this particular series is to introduce impressionist painters to toddlers (and parents for the uninitiated!)

Each title in the Mini Masters series pairs simple verses with some of the most famous paintings in the history of art.

Mini Masters

We often assume that great art requires very advanced interpretation skills. This could not be farther than the truth. The Mini Masters series brings famous Impressionist Painters to the minds and hearts of very young children.

Each book is centered on one painter. Authors Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober have successfully paired the beauty of the impressionist paintings with rhyming verse. As you turn the pages, there is a painting on each page and a little rhyme connected to the painting. Each new page reveals a new painting and the verse that connects all the paintings together till the end describes each painting in a fun and lyrical way.

Little children love rhyming lines. They love looking at pictures as well and these books combine the two things seamlessly.


A look at some of the individual books in the series:

In A Picnic With Monet, Claude Monet’s light filled paintings take the children on an enchanted picnic, right into the artist’s flower garden.

In The Garden With Van Gogh takes a look at his countryside paintings with enriching rhymes.

Dancing With Degas explores the magical world of ballet dancing complete with the toe shoes, tutus and of course, the ballerinas.

A Magical Day With Matisse visits his bright and vibrant works.

In conclusion…

Each board book is sturdy enough for the curious little hands that will explore it! The names of the individual paintings are not given on each page, but at the end.

The Mini Masters series of books is a charming and lyrical introduction to art. It is the best way to introduce children to great paintings of the world, and some really spectacular artists!

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