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Chanelore- get inspired by Coco Chanel quotes

Chanel is a name that needs no introduction. Even if you have not brought a single piece of luxury clothing, accessory or perfume from the brand, there is a fair chance that Chanel has influenced you. No other fashion icon probably made as much of a mark with her words as Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel quotes are so popular everywhere that Chanel is known for her fashion-philosophies as for her designs.

 Of course, a lot of one-liners by Chanel have been lapped up not only by those who love words, but also those who love fashion. These are timeless style mantras that find their way into books and objects all the time.

 Here is a look into some books about Coco Chanel as well as picks of objects that highlight her glorious legacy of style mantras! Yes, these Coco Chanel quotes are sure to brighten up your life-style!

A book on Coco Chanel quotes..a fashion bible

What should a woman be? Hear it from Chanel!

Sometimes fashion is an attitude…

A book that illustrates Chanel’s life with anecdotes and of course, the famous Coco Chanel Quotes.

Introducing Chanel to children

Let evergreen Coco Chanel quotes work their magic on you!