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Letters to Krisha by Parinita Shetty and Sahitya Rani

When did you last write a letter? Or, receive one? A simple letter can evoke warmth and nostalgia. It can be a tool of companionship. It can be a way of expressing love and friendship. Letters to Krisha by Parinita Shetty (Karadi Tales) spins a wonderful heart-warming tale around the simple activity of letter writing. Sahitya Rani’s illustrations bring the story and the words to life. The picture book is best for the 4-7 age group.

Krisha is a Grade 3 student who has to miss school owing to an appendix surgery. Her classmates decide to write letters to her to update her about classroom activities and news. Her brother, who also studies in the same school, is the acting postman. Thus, Letters to Krisha becomes a class project of sorts. 

Each letter is unique- funny, touching, informative, secretive and what not. Each letter builds up and hints at a special surprise. Maybe it is something for Krisha? 

The presentation of the letters is quite authentic, with spelling and grammatical errors corrected in red ink! The colourful and detailed illustrations capture the energy and vibrancy of the classroom quite vividly. Indeed, they are a delight to look at! 

This book is more poignant at a time when schools are shut due to the pandemic. It will bring back a kind of nostalgia for school days. It also highlights the power of using letters as a form of strong connections! Pre-email and pre-social media days did see many pen pals. However, today, writing letters is a rarity. However, this book brings back letter writing in a refreshingly different and fun way! Do get Letters to Krisha and add it to your home library! Better still, gift it to a reader with a nice handwritten letter! 

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.