You are currently viewing Celebrity Nutritionists Spill Their Diet Secrets- read along to get fitter and healthier!

Celebrity Nutritionists Spill Their Diet Secrets- read along to get fitter and healthier!

Fitness has always been a key factor in a good lifestyle. Studies show that a balanced diet comprises of 75% of a fit body, exercise forms the remaining 25%. In a country like India, where fried foods, sweet dishes and spicy curries are a household staple, it is hard to maintain a balanced diet. But with the expert help of dieticians and nutritionists, one can take the first step towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle. India is home to several nutritionists, who are in a sense celebrity nutritionist, who have counseled some of the most popular stars and celebrities and guided them on their fitness journey. These dieticians have also authored books that can provide a roadmap for those who wish to opt for a balanced lifestyle.

Indian Superfoods by Rujuta Diwekar

Known for the infamous size zero figure flaunted by superstar Kareena Kapoor, Rujuta Diwekar is a connoisseur of moderation. Her diet philosophy effortlessly combines all the goodness of Indian kitchens but in the right proportions. Her book Indian Superfoods elaborates on the healthy benefits of Indian style cooking and how each ingredient is valuable to the human body. This is just one of her veritable gems. She’s authored a host of books targeting specific nutritional and exercise requirements for different groups of people. 

The Dry Fasting Miracle by Luke Coutinho

Widely regarded as the guru of intermittent or dry fasting, Luke Coutinho is a game changer in the nutrition industry. He has introduced the concept of dry fasting which promotes a healthy lifestyle instead of just focusing on weight loss. His bestselling book The Dry Fasting Miracle- from Deprive to Thrive, elucidates the many benefits of ancient Indian practices and how dry fasting was the norm in those days. The book takes these age-old customs and presents it in a modern avatar. If you’re keen to read some takeaways from this book, click here. 

Eat. Delete. Junior by Pooja Makhija

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija outlines the need for good eating habits for children right from a newborn up till the age of 15. Eat. Delete Junior written by Makhija sheds light on how a child’s palate develops, methods to keep junk food at bay, and the habits needed to prevent ill-health and obesity.

The Eat Right Prescription by Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala

An empowering diet book by India’s leading weight loss surgeon that puts us in charge of our own bodies while striking the right work life balance and workout plan, this one makes losing weight sound like fun.

Eating at Work by Ishi Khosla

We’ve all been guilty of munching at our work desks and for many that is a habit they just cannot shake. Renowned dietician Ishi Khosla through her book Eating at Work illustrates how these pesky habits can be corrected through minimal lifestyle changes while giving lifelong benefits.  

It is often said that Indian food is one of the most balanced meal plans as it contains the goodness of every food group. Be it protein, carbs, fibre or fats, these celebrity nutritionists spill their secrets on how you can make food work for you by eating the right kind of food to live in harmony with yourself! 

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