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The Home Edit – Conquering the Clutter with Style by Clea Shearer  and Joanna Teplin 

Have you watched the popular Netflix original series called The Home Edit? Now I don’t know if the book came first or the series but what I do know is that this is an accessible book for dealing with organising overwhelm! With easy to follow organising suggestions and filled with many pictures for inspiration, this is your go to book when it comes to conquering clutter with style. 

I first came across The Home Edit on Netflix, watching Clea and Joanna, effortlessly tackle messy cabinets, pantries, closets et cetera and transforming them into spaces that are, well, Instagrammable! Reason enough to continue the series! They have a very simple effortless system, which when you look at seems almost commonsensical and yet so many of us are unable to follow it. Here is where understanding the deeper nuances behind the system becomes important.

The book is quite pretty to look at as well and has a great selection of pictures that are inspirational in your organisation journey. It describes the system in simple language laced with witty and clever humour, that acts as a stress buster, especially relevant for those who get overwhelmed with organising chores!

I particularly like their idea of the Low Bar Lifestyle. While you can read the book to understand what it means in greater detail, at the moment it suffices to say that it means not really putting great expectations on yourself for every little thing related to daily chores or activities.

I would say this book helped reduce the overwhelm that I was used to feeling when it came to organising my home. When I read the book, it felt as if Clea and Joanna were right there holding my hand every bit of the way. The Home Edit is also like a nice coffee table book and I am going to display it in full sight not only because it looks pretty and it’s nice to browse but also because I feel it may just keep reminding me about this journey of organising. And yes, maybe even help ensure that I can maintain the systems I have devised!

There are a couple of books on organising that the duo has come out with. While I have read this one, you could browse and explore which one is more suited to your needs! The essential principles remain the same. Do let us know how your experience with The Home Edit pans out!

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.