You are currently viewing Travelling Seeds by Lavanya Karthik….a poetic and picturesque saga on how seeds travel

Travelling Seeds by Lavanya Karthik….a poetic and picturesque saga on how seeds travel

One of the most joyful things in life is to see how a simple seed can transform into a full-grown plant. Travelling Seeds by Lavanya Karthik (Kalpavrish Publishers and a Parag initiative) takes the reader on a journey of a different kind. It explores a basic question- how seeds travel. And, it does so in style!

There is a rhyme on each page that gives information in a snippet. Each spread also has detailed information about the varied ways by which seeds travel. The text is aptly and lusciously illustrated, as well as labelled. The sheer variety of seeds in terms of their look and appearance is enough to have the reader completely amazed with the richness of nature. 

The book is highly informative. It dispels knowledge about the variety of ways by which seeds travel: dropping down to the ground, flying, hitchhiking, poop of animals, storage by animals, floating on water, releasing chemicals and so on. 

It also illustrates the physical features of seeds that help it travel. For example, jacaranda seeds have tissue like edges. These help them flutter and fly. The wind carries them afar. The illustrations are really helpful here. It becomes easy to connect to the information, especially for the child-reader. 

At one level, there is good enough information for a young child. At another, there are plenty of details within the text as well. This makes the age-range of the readership quite wide. A 3-year-old will marvel at the pictures and understand about how seeds travel. An 8-year-old will also get detailed specific information and examples on the same topic. 

Travelling Seeds is power-packed with information. Teachers can use it for teaching the topic of how seeds travel…and will surely put a textbook to shame! Here is a mix of information, illustration and rhyme. The book tells us how seeds travel, and tells the same with élan.  This one is for keeps! A great purchase for 3-8-year old’s, and a keepsake to have in your home library! 

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Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.