You are currently viewing Indian classical music for children gets a vivacious addition with ‘Color and Learn with little Bajo’

Indian classical music for children gets a vivacious addition with ‘Color and Learn with little Bajo’

Musical concepts are best taught in a playful way. This is the core belief that permeates ‘Color and Learn with little Bajo’, an activity book that seeks to introduce Indian classical music for children. Madhumita Bhaskar, Founder, ShrotaHouse has illustrated and conceptualised this book. Bhaskar has merged a love for Indian classical music with a growing need to introduce elements of our cultural heritage to children.

Aimed at the 3 plus age group, the book continues to be relevant for school-going kids up to the age of 9. However, there is no strict age barrier and even adults may find that it offers a comprehensive picture of instruments used in Hindustani Sangeet and Carnatic music. It covers information of over 35 musical instruments played in India. 

As the name suggests, colouring is the cornerstone of ‘Color and Learn with little Bajo’, in that it offers the opportunity to colour and learn about a multitude of musical instruments. However, the content goes much beyond simply colouring. Colouring is an activity that children and adults enjoy immensely. Since this book is one of the rare ones that focuses solely on Indian musical instruments, it is a great activity-based option.

At one level, the book builds in children some level of familiarity with a host of musical instruments while at the same time being a colouring activity book. They can use the code scanner on smartphones to scan and listen to sound clippings of the instrument. Elsewhere on each page is a well-presented chunk of information about the structure of the instrument, famous players and other essential trivia to add nuances to the understanding of the instrument. 

The users can actually learn and imbibe a lot more about the instruments thanks to the snappy and comprehensive information provided. The book is a tool for parents and teachers to provide a conducive environment that sparks interest in children around musical exploration. Early music exposure has proven benefits. 

‘Color and Learn with little Bajo’ can be used in children’s play dates, family game nights, any kind of group activities, birthday parties, and is even a terrific return gift idea! 

Sometimes, the perceived complexity of Indian classical music stops parents from ‘understanding’ or enjoying it! However, in reality, once you tune into this exciting world, there is no end to the immense personal and holistic benefits that this offers. ‘Color and Learn with little Bajo’is an apt activity based introduction to Indian classical music for children. It is sure to strike a chord with children and adults alike!  

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Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.