You are currently viewing 365 Tales from Islam by Ziya Us Salam, Short stories for children

365 Tales from Islam by Ziya Us Salam, Short stories for children

Ziya Us Salam’s book, ‘365 Tales from Islam’, (published by Om Books International) for children is a treasure trove of fascinating reads. A supposedly closed window is opened and 365 stories tumble out one by one giving meaning to the different facets of Islam.

Assalam-u-aliakum! (A greeting or salutation in Islam meaning peace). 

The author requests the reader to always say, ’Peace be Upon Him’, at the very mention of Prophet Muhammad’s name. Islam is one of the oldest religions in the world and is practiced by 1.8 billion people. 365 Tales from Islam is a rich collection of soul stirring folklores, incidents and legends involving Allah’s messengers and prophets of Islam. Stories of angels, shaitans, companions of the prophets and the daily day to day routine of life and do’s and don’ts in society of Muslims form important themes in the stories. 

The Muslims believe that Adam was the first prophet sent to earth by Allah and Prophet Mohammad was the last to whom the revelations of the Quran in Arabic (foundation of Islamic faith) were revealed bit by bit in parts during his lifetime. The Quran mentions that Isa (Jesus Christ) was one of the last Israeli prophets and a healer and talks about Musa(Moses) to whom the scriptures were revealed ,a criteria on how people should lead a happy, content and harmonious life. There are 114 Surah’s (verses) in the Quran and Muslims should read them regularly. Insights are offered as to why preference should be given to education and all children whether a boy or girl should be welcomed in the family, why the first Athaan/Azaan was called out loud since in the early days there were no watches and people lived far away and hence they needed to be informed about the time for prayers, why performing the wudu/ablution, a hygiene ritual is important for the purity of a Muslim, importance of praying five times a day, observing rituals, fasting and the suhoor meal and so on. 

The author, Ziya Us Salam is a noted social and literary commentator and author of many books for adults. He has been associated with The Hindu group for 19 years. In this book, the tales have been simplified so that the language and text is easy to comprehend. Each tale has something special to teach and moral stories of value have been highlighted. All the stories are illustrated and they are colourful and eye catching. Many a times, if the children find the stories difficult to comprehend, the illustrations provide a link. 

Om Publications always comes up with appealing and entertaining books for children and 365 Tales from Islam is just that! It is educational and highlights life in ancient era and modern times with funny anecdotes included so that children do not tire while reading or being read too. It is a book to keep, the tales are detailed and we learn so much more about Islam and its teachings. 

Title: 365 Tales from Islam

Author: Ziya Us Salam

Genre: Religion and Spirituality

Appropriate for Children 6+ and with Parental Guidance

Publisher: Om Books International, Hardbound

Poyani Mehta

Poyani Mehta is a former School Librarian, freelance storyteller, and storyteller with the Secret Passages Storytelling Circle. She writes travelogues and articles on various topics. She is a bibliophile, rescues injured birds, and enjoys spending quality time with her young daughter and Shanti her indie pariah dog.