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Saahi’s Quest by M. Yuvan, illustrated by Anusha Menon

Saahi’s Quest by M. Yuvan, illustrated by Anusha Menon (published by Kalpavriksh) is a picture book that follows a little dragonfly as she discovers the world around her, the magic of creation and herself! 

At the beginning of this beautifully illustrated picture book, Saahi the dragonfly emerges anew. She has come of age and she knows it. She is ready to soar right up in the sky. She is eager to discover others like herself. 

As she sets off on her wondrous journey, she looks around her and encounters other beautiful insects. Bringing out the sheer diversity of the insect-world, the book highlights the unique personalities and mannerisms of all the little creatures that Saahi meets. Beetles, butterflies, ladybugs, damselflies, carpenter bees and many more…the reader encounters a delightful array of insects. 

This book not only tells a story but is also informative. Saahi is a very curious creature. She is full of questions, and full of wonder at the world around her. Why do the beetles swim in circles? How did so many ants live under the ground? Why did dung beetles need dung balls? Her questions are never ending. As she gets the answers, so do the readers. 

The little reader will journey through the insect world. There are some breathtaking moments- such as the one where an antlion catches its prey. Or, when Saahi is almost paralyzed with fear when a bird swoops down to catch its prey! And then, there are some fun conversations as well. Anusha Menon’s illustrations are beautiful and evoke the wonderful splendour of the insect world. If the words bring out wonder and curiosity, these illustrations fuel it strongly!

The heart-warming end has Saahi reunited with her kind as she takes flight into the world. Saahi’s Quest will be enjoyed by the 3-6 age group. An apt book to add to your picture book collection of nature books!

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Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.