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Book and Bed

Book and Bed: Have a bookish night in Tokyo

Book and Bed

This is a unique concept. We all know about the famed Japanese design aesthetic but this one stretches it to new limits.

The pod hotel concept does have roots in Japan, and this one injects a new vibrancy to it. As of now, there are three locations where Book and Bed is situated: Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka.

What we love about book and bed

The décor is one that any booklover would die for! The public areas are decorated (understandably) with books. So, there is a huge long bookshelf that almost spreads to the end. There are books suspended from the ceiling as well! Behind the bookshelf, lie the beds. 

The hotel is based on the pod concept, and is hence quite reasonably priced. There are 52 beds with shared toilet and bathroom. Of course, there is free Wi-Fi.

With about 3200 books that cover a wide range of genres, there is more than enough to whet the appetite of guests here. The books have been selected by the popular book store SPBS. The collection has English books as well as Japanese ones.

What we would like….

For one, books are not sold here. Now imagine spending a night in a bookshop without getting to buy any of the books? That’s a pity! But, maybe access to a well-curated collection compensates for that. Still, if you’re itching to buy something, they do have a store where you can get book-themed products such as notebooks, bookmarks, totes, pyjamas and so on.

We associate books with comfort. However, they say, “There are no comfortable mattresses, fluffy pillows nor lightweight and warm down duvets,”. Even with the best books for company, we would love a little luxury!

It is probably best suited for backpackers who also happen to be bibliophiles. After all, there is nothing quite like a backpacking trip with a bookish indulgence, that enables you to connect with other book lovers from all over the world.

Nevertheless, Book and Bed is one of the most innovative concepts for those who love books and travelling.