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Read hOle books for a whole lot of fun!

The ‘hOle books’ by Duckbill experiment slightly with the book form. As the name suggests, these books with a ‘hOle’, add a fun element to the book. There is a hole at the top right end of each book, which somehow younger children find very fascinating! As is typical of hOle books, the very construction of the book with a hole, is an added attraction!

Sandy to the Rescue by Rupa Gulab is a new book in the hOle series.

The protagonist, a young boy named Sandy, notices that his mother is becoming very fat. She explains to him that his little baby brother or sister is growing inside her tummy. But, Sandy has some really urgent problem to attend to. Aftab, a little boy is “trapped “in Mrs. Gupta’s crèche. Sandy is duty bound to rescue him. After all, Sandy is 7 and Aftab is 6. Sandy is older and wiser!

Rescuing Aftab turns out to be a fun adventure, not without its share of challenges and confusions! How does Sandy sail through the entire event? The book follows this adventure in a way that is very appealing to young children.

Humour is something that immediately entices children. Right from the very first chapter, titled ‘Mummy is an elephant’, the book establishes the thread of humour that runs through it. Laced with really witty words and simple language, the book is sure to appeal to young children who love to see themselves steering adventures!

This is a great way to introduce chapters to beginning readers. The lovely illustrations by Chetan Sharma also add to the experience of reading the book.

The hOle book In short…

It’s a funny story about an eventful day long adventure.

A good introduction to chapter books for young readers.

The hOle books for younger readers are a fun lot!

Title: Sandy to the Rescue

Author: Rupa Gulab 

Illustrator: Chetan Sharma

Publisher: Duckbill Books and Publications Private Limited, 2018

Genre: Children (Fiction)

Age group: 5-8 years