You are currently viewing Engineering A Life by Krishan K Bedi- An Indian experience of the American Dream

Engineering A Life by Krishan K Bedi- An Indian experience of the American Dream

Engineering A Life by Krishan K Bedi is a memoir about his roller-coaster life – first his struggle to get an engineering degree in the US and then the dilemma of where to settle with his family.

 Krishan Bedi’s childhood in Punjab helps the reader envision how far he comes from his roots to spread his wings. What impresses right away is his determination to complete his engineering studies in the US despite being an average student and not having any inkling of what life in the US was like. Even with financial pressures and high expectations, he lives life on his own terms. Krishan’s subtle humour and candid acceptance of his faults, make him a likable guy whom the reader feels like rooting for.

 Though the book is chronicled well, it feels like some impressionable experiences are glossed over. More depth to some scenes would help the reader relate to and understand what was going through Bedi’s mind at that time. It is sensitive that he has refrained from passing any judgments, but this leads to book sounding like a series of activities.

 Krishan’s passion to learn not just academics, but from life experiences is inspirational. He proves that obstacles can slow us down, but dedication, perseverance and hard work always win in the end. Our heart goes out to his family when we read about the struggles they face in India after giving up a comfortable lifestyle in the US to settle in the country of his birth. He rightly gives his supportive wife, family and community the praise they deserve in the book.


Though laced with sadness, we find ourselves approving of his decision to return back to the US in the end as that feels like home. As the saying goes – ‘Home is a feeling and not a place!’. The book is indeed a glimpse into the Indian experience of the American dream!




Title: Engineering A Life

Author: Krishan K Bedi

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Genre: Non-fiction


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