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How can you learn to rely on your own intuition? The answer may just lie in the amsterdam_deck, a set of guidance cards

Shilpi Chawla is no stranger to the creation of guidance cards. A maker of Books & Wellness Cards, she has been pursuing her passion for spiritual growth through a series of activities, amongst them, guiding others on their own spiritual path. 

On the release of the Guidance card deck, the amsterdam_deck, we catch up with her to know more about the birth of these cards and how one can harness their power….

I find it fascinating that it was on a bus journey in Amsterdam that you had this vision for the amsterdam_deck. Tell us how you took the cards from there. 

I was travelling on a bus and in-between I felt this urge to write and doodle messages. I started writing them out intuitively. I did not question anything, just kept on writing. It stopped at 45 messages. When I came back to India I had an instinct that these are guidance cards. I had practiced tarot readings professionally and had worked as an angel card therapist.  I then hired a designer to put these messages that I had received into a more concrete form. These soon assumed the form of the amsterdam_deck. Now these cards are available with me. 

Each card is quite layered and as you read deeper there are different nuances that come up. There is an image, a phrase and then also a short paragraph on each card. How must a reader approach this? 

There are five elements to look for. The face card, which is an illustration may talk to you in terms of a colour for example. When you flip the card, there is a number on the top right of each card. Since some people are connected to numbers they may be intuitively drawn towards them and can interpret accordingly. The third element is the small image in the centre of the card. The fourth element is the subject line followed by the fifth element which is a short message to read. Every element will speak to the reader in a way that they intuitively understand. Sometimes, someone asks a question and when they pick a card, the message may not make sense at the first go. I a encourage them to look for one of the five elements I’ve mentioned above. What is calling you intuitively? The card will draw the reader’s attention to an element. That is how you approach it best. Receive your message and move on. 

the amsterdam_deck is a set of 50 cards that reconnect the reader with their intuition and help them develop gratitude in their lives. However, how do your readers develop confidence in reading their cards for themselves? Most of us are dependent on practitioners like you to interpret cards. 

I have seen that readers usually hesitate trust their own interpretation of the message. They may just need that extra encouragement or nudge. This is why, normally, when somebody purchases the deck, I also have an option of having a demo reading session with me where I walk them through the nuances of the elements, and answer a few questions for them as well. 

From the very first drawing to the deck finally in your hands! How has the evolution been for you? 

The process has been very fulfilling and satisfying. I did not know I would be coming out with a deck! It took me by a pleasant surprise. The journey has been one step at a time and I have learnt to trust my own intuition. I feel it has been a great journey and I am grateful that I listened to my intuition and that the cards came through. The journey from the first image to the final version has been phenomenal. 

On your Instagram page, one can see pictures and videos of the users of the amsterdam_deck and the impact that it has made to their lives. While all these examples are inspiring and heart-warming in their own way, is there any particularly poignant feedback that you wish to share? 

I have recorded the feedback from the readers. Sometimes people use the deck, sometimes they forget. I wanted to bring awareness that they can use the messages from their intuitive readings with the amsterdam_deck of cards to bring clarity and gratitude in daily life experiences. I also wanted to bring gratitude. Every piece of feedback was important to me. To remove time to do this, and to understand that it has a power and effect is in itself the greatest feedback! Clarity and Gratitude are understated. But it is important to understand that when we are clear and grateful, we hold the reins to our day and how we move forward. Each piece of feedback in pictures or video forms reflects this central theme of the amsterdam_deck of cards.

You have created these guidance cards and you have used them over a period of time. Once it becomes a routine in your life, to use these cards for guidance, what is the sustained long-term impact that the user would achieve? How can the cards continue to be meaningful over a period of time?

The more you start trusting listening to your intuition the more confident you will be about it. The sustained long-term impact of using these cards over time is that they will empower you to trust what comes through from inside you. When you have trained yourself to be independent internally and to listen your inner voice, you will experience a positive way of living. People who are doing well with the deck, at some point take it out. They start using it with others. Once you begin to feel you are benefited, the natural order is that people share it. The amsterdam_deck is part of Traveling Series. Therefore, I suggest people to carry the deck in their bags and use it when they commute. They can also be used in social gatherings as a way to provide inputs intuitively on a question that anyone may have.

Your top three tips for using the amsterdam_deck

  1. Play with the cards. If you have a question you need an answer to, just talk to the cards like you would talk to a friend. Let the answer come to you. Learn to get quiet and Listen. 

2. Travel with it– they are small and can be taken anywhere. The amsterdam_deck comes in a small pack with a magnetic packing. It is easy to carry and uses little space in your bag. Use them whenever the opportunity presents itself. It’s always a good idea to explore the cards. 

3. Share it- encourage your friends to ask questions and see what you get. The more you practice it the more clarity you will receive. 

You are also involved in propagating the message of intentional living, and more specifically intentional motherhood. Tell us about your books…

The Book of Intents is for beginners who want to understand the power and purpose of living a life based on intention) Love Your Life With the Power of Intention is the sequel to The Book of Intents. It is an advanced book which helps you to go deeper on the topic. Each chapter in the book has a short story and an exercise for the reader to facilitate the purpose of intentional living.)  Know Your Relationships is a book about setting intentions in relationships. The book recommends readers to ask themselves – What can I give in my relationships rather than what can I get. Dancing the Dance is a book for mothers. The book helps mothers on a mental & emotional front by providing snippets of inspirational thoughts and actions. Letters to my Sons helps mothers to express and communicate better with their child. It is a book about bonding, love and connection between parents and children. It encourages mothers to delve into one of the most ancient arts i.e. Letter writing.

Shilpi continues to pursue her core intention to help people raise their vibration and awareness, and to connect with their own inner voice!

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.