You are currently viewing Little things can be big…a Netflix show illuminates that life is all about Little Things

Little things can be big…a Netflix show illuminates that life is all about Little Things

Everyone remembers the key milestones in their lives. The day you were born, your first day of school, graduating from college, getting your first job, your wedding day, the birth of your first child, and so on. But life isn’t made up of only the big things. It’s always made up of the small but immensely meaningful moments that touch your heart in various ways. A great example of the value of these precious moments is a show on Netflix called ‘Little Things’


A Netflix original, this web series follows the meandering story of a young couple, Dhruv and Kavya, who are living together in a live-in relationship in Mumbai. Perhaps the maturity and sensitivity that Little Things exhibits is most apparent in the non-dramatic portrayal of a live-in relationship. Indeed, that is the strength of this series, especially in view of the fact that it is based in a metropolis in India. The story carefully avoids the parental or societal pressures attached to the concept of living-in together, in a relatively traditionally rooted society. Instead, quite hearteningly, the show focuses on the relationship between two individuals rather than unnecessary drama. 

 Both Dhruv and Kavya are young, ambitious and intelligent millennials who are navigating the thin line between careers, romance and individuality. Spanning over two seasons, each episode is short and sweet at 20 minutes and gives an insight into a different aspect of their relationship. While the show is light hearted, it does not hesitate to explore the dark side of romance either. Bristling egos, conflicting views along with career highs and lows have been carefully built into the narrative. Sometimes these problems threaten to overpower the relationship, but a strong foundation and determination of the couple to overcome these difficulties makes for an endearing watch.


With over the top and unrealistic Indian TV shows occupying the content space, (for years now!) it’s refreshing to see a tiny show like Little Things breaking barriers. Here you will find no evil villains, no scheming mothers-in-law or no grand betrayals. Rather, it is an honest look at the youth of our country and their varying perspectives. Kavya and Dhruv are a modern-day couple who want to challenge their minds through their work but at the same time let loose and enjoy their youth. They both are ready to embark on their personal journeys and whether they can let their respective paths merge into each other is what the show is all about. Little Things reveals with sincere honestly the lives of millennials today! 






Sanjana Parikh

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