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Fly little Fish by Lavanya Kartik

Fly little Fish by Lavanya Kartik is a heartwarming picture book about a little fish who wants to fly. Well, fishes can’t fly…or can they?

In the first half of the picture book, the little fish does what any little one would do- confide her deepest desire to fly to her parents, and then her friends. Of course, her parents and friends try to explain to her what most adults do when children come to them with their impossible dreams- they nicely and very politely tell little fish that fishes don’t fly, fishes swim.

Then, thankfully, little fish does what little ones should do- try to achieve the impossible dream by itself. What’s more, the little fish is successful! It flies all the way to the sun and moon and back.

In a touching end, the little fish inspires a little bird. Now, the little bird wants to swim!

Interactive design

The illustrations by Satwik Gade and Ashwathy PS complement the story perfectly. The little fish is in the water, looking at the sky. The illustrators have played with the perspectives quite innovatively and shown the sky from the point of view of a little fish in the water.

In a subtle but beautiful way, the pages that show the little fish flying do not have any words, but only illustrations that show the little fish flying blissfully, crossing a dense forest, meeting the sun and also flying with a flock of birds. In one sense, the absence of words and sole inclusion of pictures alludes to the fact that the bravado of the little fish renders everyone speechless!

Well, the little fish returns back to the ocean, all safe and sound but highly enriched and probably more confident by the experience. Her ocean mates are still speechless but what is inspiring is that in the end, a little bird in the sky wants to swim!

The little fish is a very lovable character with all its grit and determination. Pictures speak louder than words and this is clearly seen in Fly Little Fish!

Title: Fly little Fish

Author: Lavanya Kartik

Illustrators: Satwik Gade and Ashwathy PS

Publisher: Karadi Tales

Genre: Picture books/ children

Age group: 3 years and above