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The Adventures of Biplob the Bumblebee by Abhishek Talwar

The Adventures of Biplob the Bumblebee by Abhishek Talwar, illustrated by Sonal Goyal, published by Ritika Talwar is a delightful series of books that uses the medium of storytelling, accompanied by beautiful illustrations to show how simple steps can lead to more sustainability. 

Biplob the Bumblebee may be a small creature, but is ever ready to help his friends! Through a series of 4 volumes, (With the fourth book slated to release soon in late 2020), the young reader is sure to be captivated by Biplob’s colourful and green haven. Each book has a few chapters which illustrate in a very simple manner, an eco-friendly solution to a looming problem. Whether it is installing a solar panel for drawing well-water, showing city-bred kids the source of their food, teach a bunch of haughty teenagers about not littering, devise a plan to prevent crows from eating up the farmer’s grains and even the issue of poaching…Biplob takes proactive action to make the world a better place. 

Through the four volumes of the series, one can see the development of Biplob as an eco-warrior. From closer home, that is, helping farmer Balram address issues in his field, the bumblebee stretches his influence over the nearby woods and addresses ecological issues therein. 

The series is a wonderful and fun way to give children perspective about the ecological issues that our country faces today. The books are inspirational in that they show that sometimes simple solutions work best and by increasing one’s understanding and sensitivity, people themselves that create great change around them. 

I found these a good choice for children who have started chapter books as well. The other supporting characters such as the flowers in the garden and farmer Balram are also quite endearing! The illustrations are lively, colourful and captivating and bring the story alive for the young readers. 

A wonderful series of books for children aged 4-9, the exciting world of Biplob the Bumblebee mixes storytelling and awareness of the natural world and its issues, in a fun, informative and empowering manner. 

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.