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BookArt101: Your go-to place for literary listicles 

We live in times where there is no dearth of reading material. The publishing industry is in a most exciting phase. With multiple forms and formats such as print, e-books, audiobooks and so on, we live in a versatile world where good content is waiting for us. However, here is where curating expertise comes in. Bookedforlife speaks with Harsh Vardhan Dutta, Founder, BookArt101, a unique portal where the focus remains on well-curated booklists! 

Books lists are a great way to explore potential reads. Tell us about BookArt101 and more specifically, why you chose to adopt the list format for the features on the blog? 

BookArt101 is a global platform where people from all over the world can discover books that would suit their reading requirements. The collection of books and book reviews on BookArt101 is suited to meet the reading preferences of all types of readers. The reason the website focuses on the list format or ‘listicles’ as we know it, is to provide our busy readers with a quick glance and simultaneously cover the top features in the category of the article. The idea is to maximize value for our readers, including millennials, without wasting their time and also engage with them about their interests. 

What inspired the name BookArt101?

BookArt101 is a name inspired by its use in introducing our readers to the top picks in books pertaining to different categories. It encompasses the basic as well as advanced comprehensive knowledge about the world of books. 

On what basis do you curate the lists on the site? 

Our lists on BookArt101 are curated keeping three factors into consideration. These factors include the credibility of the book, the popularity of the book among readers, and the critical feedback that the book has received. It is after analysis and in-depth research for each book on these three factors that a book makes it to our blogs so that the readers only get the best of the lot. 

How would you describe your target reader? 

The target reader for BookArt101 is a person who is either new to the world of reading books and is exploring the options or any person who is already a reader but is looking for recommendations in different categories, genres, and themes of writing. Despite that, we have something useful for everyone. Even a non-reader can be motivated to read books after reading the reviews on the site because she/he will easily be able to pick books of her/his interest. 

You also have audiobooks as a category. I’ve seen most book portals focus on traditional book formats. What’s your take on the audiobook format? Do you intend to review individual audiobooks as well?

Audiobooks are gaining popularity among millennials especially because the readers are able to consume the content of a book on the go. While traditional readers would continue to prefer a hardcopy or e-book, our audiobook category on BookArt101 focuses on busy readers who want to read and also save time. Our audiobooks category currently covers only the best audiobook applications. It will be interesting to explore reviewing individual audiobooks after some time. 

Based on the analysis of your readership and feedback from readers, which are the book categories that the majority of readers prefer? 

As per our understanding and analysis, broadly there are two types of readers. Readers who prefer fiction go for categories like young adult fantasy, romance, and literary fiction. On the other hand, there are readers who prefer non-fiction categories who tend who go for biographies or self-help books for motivation. 

Right now, as we all are reel under the lockdown, reading has become the go-to activity for most people. Could you curate a brief reading list for us specifically for these tough times?

One of the blogs on BookArt101 talks about the best books on pandemics and epidemics. Given that we are living in the times of a global pandemic, many people are interested in reading books on the subject. We also have a list of self-help books for people who are working towards self-improvement even in these difficult times. Here is a mini-list of books that can help you sail through these difficult times with a lot of hope: 

The Diary Of A Young Girl, by Anne Frank

The Harry Potter Series, by J.K. Rowling

How To Survive A Plague, by David France

Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor E. Frankl

To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

Project Semicolon, by Amy Bleuel

Nothing pleases a book lover more than a well curated reading list! Take a look at BookArt101 for some exhaustive and enticing options!

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.